"Naturally Living"


This is the canvas that sets me free.
My fears can no longer drag me down as I fly through the heavy grey that occludes my senses.
Now, standing tall I rise as a water-being and with every step I connect.
As I find peace I strive not in turbulent waters but seek the depth of the ocean.
There in the deepest of blue is the treasure of what truly is.
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For change:  Break Conventions           Have: A Vision to Live for        Abide by: The Laws of Nature
Alexandra Hayles (Hindsholm, Denmark 2009)


The money received from the sale of the paintings goes towards building  "naturally living" lifestyles

The three paintings (each measuring: 2.54 m x 1.54 m) are sold all together for a minimum price of DK 90 000. They may also be sold separately.  

Background:  The irreversible damage that Climate change has on the oceans, the cradle of life, is now well documented. Fancy eating jellyfish instead of cod? Well, if it all goes to current plans we will have to revise not just our cooking books. The oceans are getting warmer and turning into vinegar. With rising green house gases (GHG) the oceans may become up to 150% more acidic by 2100 and according to UNESCO, a more acid ocean will cause the extinction of species vital to the health and productivity of the earth. For information on ocean acidification. Oceana.org  

Break conventions:  A plant diet can significantly reduce GHG emissions. Changes to our eating habits would significantly reduce the amount of GHG according to  WorldWatch Incredibly, livestock and their byproducts account for 51% of annual worldwide GHG emissions. The GHG's that cause ocean acidification and the decline of species. Growing and eating local food is an important strategy to maintain the health of all biological systems - including people. Growing and eating local food reduces the amount of GHG that we as a society produce.

A vision to live for:  More plant varieties available locally as food, materials and for general well-being. By increasing food varieties in our back gardens and public spaces we all become the guardians of our own living database. The guardians of diversity in the face of climate change. As active guardians we can enjoy the experience of taste nuances and diverse food products.

The laws of nature:  Connect with nature. The key is humanity.


My Source of Inspiration
I lived at an orchard
on Hindsholm on the island of Fyn in Denmark.
The rocks and the sea at
Fyns Hoved captured my imagination.
The ocean makes me feel alive
and painting on large canvases gives me
freedom of expression.



These 3 canvases were exhibited at
Øksnehallen in Copenhagen during
the climate negotiations of COP 15.


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