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We like to play with words: 'Roofurb' is the act of 'naturally' refurbishing our urban living spaces including our roofs with 'life'

We are inspired by living styles that envision a resilient 'people culture'. "Naturally living"


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As a child I spent my time on adventures along the coast, rowing to islands and discovering caves, observing hatching seagulls and swimming for many hours captivated by the underwater world. I have seen the coast change and the sea becoming more and more polluted. I have concerned myself with environmental issues for many years. The context of problems and how to tackle the issues are often on my mind. In this process I came to understand that the way we as a society have chosen to organise ourselves has locked us into a structure that is self-perpetuating irrespective of the fundamental needs of humanity.

Technological advances are exciting and allow for change, efficiency and a myriad of amazing tools. Nevertheless, technology is not the answer to all our problems. Technology opens doors and windows of possibilities yet, on its own, it can only put a plaster on our problems. It takes a lot more than just technology or maybe a lot less, depending on your perspective, to provide long-term effective solutions. Imagine a game with certain rules. Imagine then trying to change the rules of the game by improving the dice,  adding better features...etc. The rules of the game remain unless you decide to change them and adapt them. So what are the rules we have decided to be ruled by? What are their historical basis? What purpose, if any, do those rules have? Do these rules support the fundamental essence of what it is to be a human-being? If we are asking for ways of organising our society that support human beings, we will need to ask the following question: what makes us human and what do we need to thrive?

There are many things that can be done and in essence it is about how we choose to relate to each other. It is simple yet amazingly complex yet I would like to emphasize the simplicity of our task. It is so simple that one can doubt its amazing effectiveness. How do we relate to each other privately, socially and in the business community?

The questions, thought processes and perspectives will be continuously blogged instead of remaining within the comfort of my four walls.


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